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Community Investment


Northern Blizzard is a recognized member and visible contributor to the well-being of our host communities and invests in a manner that reflects our core values.


Community investment is a key component for maintaining an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship with local communities in which we do business. With our commitment to local communities, Northern Blizzard pursues opportunities that embrace the principles of social responsibility in its operating regions by supporting community-led initiatives that are built on a sustainable framework.

  • Our employee operator base lives within each of those communities where we operate and participates on local committees, boards and teams to help support the growth of each community
  • It is always our first intent to try and hire locally, but we do also bring staff into the communities at times which in turn helps establish a home within each community.
  • It is Northern Blizzard’s intent to utilize the local services to support all the businesses to maintain a prosperous community.
  • It is always our first intent to meet with our community members (where required) to ensure they are made aware of our plans and to work with them to achieve our common goals.

golf-tourneyNorthern Blizzard has organized vendor golf tournaments that to date have raised over $560,000. The funds were spread amongst the communities of Macklin, Kerrobert, and Neilburg supporting the Health Centers and local Fire Departments.

In addition, we have set aside upwards of up to $20,000 per year for which we have three donation committees addressing local requests for funding from the communities that we live and work in. These communities include Lloydminster, Turtleford, Unity, Neilburg, Marsden, Unity, Macklin, Luseland, Denzil, Kerrobert, Major, Kindersely and others.